Sunday, September 2, 2012

A New Bed

We've been putting off buying a new bed for a long time.  Our mattress hadn't been comfortable in quite some time.  First, we were going to get a new mattress for our 10th anniversary.  Then we were going to wait until our tax return came back the following winter.  But, then our house went on the market and it seemed like the right thing to do to wait until we moved.

And we waited.

Finally, during that crummy week (about two weeks before our house finally sold), I guilt-ed Ryan into buying a mattress.  We checked out a couple of mattress stores, and looked at Costco but didn't find something to bring home.  That Saturday night we checked out an auction house.  I left with the kids midway through, and Ryan eventually came home with one of the mattresses we both tried out.  It was AMAZING.  

We bought a queen mattress.  This was an upgrade from the full mattress we got when we got married.  Unfortunately, we had no queen-sized sheets, and the mattress came home late Saturday night.  We made do with full-sized flat sheets until Monday when I was able to pick up a brand new set of sheets.  We still don't have a frame for the bed, however.  We feel like college students again. :)
Annie likes our new bed too.


Tasha said...

THe extra space must be so nice. I'm so happy for you that you have a bed you love now :)

Danae said...

We are SO glad! The queen size is really nice.