Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fair Time

We attended the fair twice this year, so there are lots of pictures.

First up- Ryan's FFA display:
 The kids (and Ryan of course) loved looking at the bee and honey display in the Ag building.

 We made our annual stop at the dairy booth and got giant ice cream cones.

Then we let the kids played in the kids barn.  They look forward to this part too.
 At the end of our Saturday visit, Ryan walked the stroller out to the minivan, and I took the girls in the tractor trolley through the parking lot.  I hadn't done a good job paying attention to where Ryan had parked us, and the tractor trolley went kinda far in another direction to drop off some of the other passengers.  Eventually the kids and I disembarked, but we were lost.  I had a couple of tired kids, and another one or two who weren't staying close to me with all of the cars around.  I pulled out my cell phone (which had a red battery flashing at me...) and prayed that it would last long enough to talk to Ryan.  Ryan picked up and I asked where he was.  He tried to explain and then said he saw us.  "Where??" I asked.

 "Look towards [insert name of our home town here, which is 40 minutes and a couple of rolling hills away]."

"Huh?"  I spun around, and not in the right direction from the sound of Ryan's voice.  But then I saw him too.  He was standing on the roof of our minivan, waving.

Later, I explained that my female brain does not work the same as his does.  I work with landmarks, and rights and lefts.  North, south, east and west may work with his Google Earth brain, but not mine.

Thursday afternoon we went back to the fair, to see what we didn't before.

 The firefighters had a fun display this year.  The girls got to practice crawling through a "smoky" house.  Annie and Maddie weren't so sure about it.
We got Elephant Ears this time around.  Ryan took all 4 girls with him, while I stayed with the stroller.  For whatever reason, even though Ryan asked and paid for two, they gave him three.  We were grateful.  And stoked. :)

Tomorrow is the last day of the fair, which means Ryan gets to take his FFA and go take down the display on Monday.  Another late evening.....

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