Monday, October 1, 2012

My Great Idea

When we moved into our new house, I had this great idea to make the kids just a little more self-sufficient.  We had all kinds of kitchen cupboard space and water available in the refrigerator door, so I left the plastic cups down low where all the kids could reach them.  This way, instead of responding to, "I'm thirsty," 30 times a day, they could get their own cups of water.
I thought I was so smart for about one day.

The refrigerator door also dispenses ice.  Ice that spews everywhere when the button is pressed by small hands.

Annie and Maddie also developed a new game.  Fill up a cup with water, walk it across the floor dripping all the way, and pour it down the sink drain.  (Ahem, Pergo flooring is not ideal in the kitchen.)

I felt like I was going through with a towel, mopping up spills about every 20 minutes.  I was going to go crazy trying to protect that silly floor.  I just kept telling myself, "This is just a phase."

And it was.  The door dispenser has lost much of its appeal.  The kids are back to asking me for drinks, and I have to remind them that they can get their own.


Bridget said...

I keep a floor mat in front of our refrigerator so that water/ice don't devastate the floor. Maybe in a few years we'll get the floor refinished...but for now...we live in the phase, too.

Danae said...

A mat in front of the fridge is a really good idea. Thanks!