Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ok, Seriously Sunday?

We stayed up late last night.  Ryan and I went and played games with 3 other couples for our night out.  Emma and Elizabeth were sneaky and stayed up until we got home.  At 11 pm.  Not cool at all.

The sun came up this morning, and most of us in the house groaned and hid from it.  We didn't quite make it to Sacrament Meeting.  We could have been 20 minutes late, but judging from every one's mood.. it was better not to treat the chapel and its inhabitants to our grumpiness.  Or rather, we would not have lasted long in our pew and would have spent the meeting in the foyer.  So we made it in time for Sunday School.

The kids and I spent the next two hours in the chapel preparing for next week's Primary Program.  As the last two weeks were General and Stake Conference, it's been a while since we've practiced.  It did not run smoothly.  It took all two hours to run through the program once.  Once.  For a program that should run 35-45 minutes, this is not good.

I was also a little miffed that no one noticed that no one noticed my new haircut.  I have bangs now.  I apparently do a really good job blending in with my surroundings.

I was ready for a nice, quiet afternoon.  Maybe a movie for the kids, maybe a nap for me.

Did not happen.

Once done with our late lunch, it was time to clean up and get ready for our home teacher to come.  Then it was time to make cookies for Ryan to take to his home teaching families.  Ryan was off, and I sat down with the twins on the couch for some dozing time.

Well, I got to finish the last few pages of our book club selection so I can pass it along to the next person, and got to deal with fighting kids and wiping bums and other pressing matters of business.  But no nap.

About the time I was starting dinner, Ryan arrived home.  He had kind of a funny look on his face, and blood on his polo shirt.  On further inspection, he had an ugly, open cut in his left eyebrow.  He was going to need stitches.  But wasn't he a good husband for telling me ahead of time, this time?

Oh Sunday.  This was not the day of rest I was needing.

Ryan now has 4 stitches, but you can't tell too much due to his Bert-style uni-brow.  The PA who stitched him up said he was not to pluck his eyebrows until the stitches come out.  I assume he said this in jest, as no one would ever accuse Ryan of plucking his eyebrows.  Ever.


Heidi E said...

Sorry it was a rough one! The important ones always seem to go that way. I will be thinking of you next week. We have our primary program then as well! I hope it goes well! Then you can have a sigh of relief! :)

Tasha said...

That sounds like a day... I'm sorry. I am curious how he cut his face? I'm sure your bangs look cute, you'll have to post a pic! :)

Danae said...

Ryan went to a ward member's house to pick up eggs to incubate (they want more chickens, and Ryan has an incubator), and while he was there, the was given the opportunity to shoot a cross bow with a scope. Apparently this particular cross bow has quite the kick back. As he shot an arrow, the scope hit his eyebrow so hard that it split the skin big time.

Tasha said...

Gah!! Thank goodness it didn't hit his actual eye.