Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Preschool Halloween Party

Annie and Maddie went to preschool in costume today.  They wanted to wear their Halloween costumes, but I persuaded them to choose some princess dresses from the dress up box.  (Persuasion in the form of, "Nope, you can't wear those.  Those are for Halloween.  I know you want to wear those, but we aren't wearing those today...  Look at all these pretty dresses.  How about one of these?")

The first part of preschool was the same as usual.  I went home and prepared the craft I was in charge of, and made some Ritz cracker and pretzel spiders for lunch.  I am so prepared.

I arrived in time for games.  First the kids played "Ghost, Ghost, Witch" in the spirit of duck, duck, goose.
 Then we made my silly spiders.  We made them from painted black paper plates, construction paper legs and "googly" eyes.
 Next there was a pumpkin walk.
 All of the girls were in princess dresses.
Kennedy, Annie, Mali and Maddie.

Then we had the limbo.
 How low can you go?
 There were a couple of other games, but I was one of the moms in the kitchen preparing lunch, so I didn't get any other pictures.
 My Ritz and pretzel spiders, string cheese and pretzel stick broom sticks, chocolate chow mein noodle spiders and pumpkin pancakes.  I have some mad frosting skills, don't I?  I think I missed my calling as a decorator.  Not.

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