Saturday, October 20, 2012

Home Improvement

Since becoming homeowners again, we've been putting Ryan's mad fix-it-man skills to the test.  Ryan has put in a railing for the stairs in front of the front door.  He's installed railings on the two stairways inside the house.  He has done some tweaking with plumbing, caulking, and installed a new dryer vent.  I was pretty excited the day he put in a light fixture in our master bath.  

Our master bathroom has a couple little lights in the ceiling, as well as a sky light, but nothing above the sink and mirror.  It's a little tricky to do hair and make-up being back lit.  I'm sure being back lit is good for for some things, but not for this.  Every day I was treated to a good look at the fly aways on my head.
 There were (hot) wires sticking out of the wall, and a switch for a fixture.  But no fixture.
 There's my hot, do-it-yourself hubby.
And then there was light.  Let me tell you, it's a lot easier to pluck eyebrows and apply eyeliner with light.

The biggest project we hired out.  The propane furnace was (we had been told) inefficient and extremely expensive.  The threat of a monthly price tag of $400 of propane was enough to push us to make a change.  So, for a mere few thousand dollars, we pulled out the old furnace-
and had the construction dudes who are (still) remodeling the high school put in an electric furnace and heat pump/ac unit.  We did that back in September when we figured we would be ok to be without air conditioning and heat for 5 days.

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