Thursday, October 4, 2012

Legend of the Mustang

Ryan is the one Ag teacher/FFA advisor at the high school, so he covers a range of subjects during the course of the day.  One day last week, the subject touched on (briefly) wild horses and mustangs.  One of the kids wanted to know how mustangs got their name.  I mean, after all a sport car was named after these particular wild horses, so they must be cool.  Ryan said he didn't know.

That was unacceptable.  He's the teacher and has to know these things.

The gauntlet was thrown down.  If he "has" to know everything, well, they were going to get the story.

It all started at a Mariner's baseball game a long time ago.  There were a couple of guys eating hot dogs, and because they were real men, their hot dogs only had mustard.  While they were watching the game and eating their hot dogs, a bunch of wild horses ran through the baseball field and then through the stands of spectators.  One particular horse came really close to the guys eating hot dogs.  These guys jumped out of the way, and one of the fellows squeezed his hot dog and mustard squirted out all over his clothes.  He was angry about his one good shirt being ruined, so he said, "Mus- dang!"  Many others heard him say this phrase as the wild horses were running past (because he said it pretty loudly), and thought that was what the horses were called.  The name spread, and since not everyone completed a lot of education at that time, and no one had spell check, "Mus-dang" became "Mustang."

The end.

The sad thing is, Ryan only had about 3 kids in the entire classroom who looked like maybe their teacher was full of baloney.

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