Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

A month ago, I asked the kids what they wanted to be for Halloween.  Easy enough requests- Tinkerbell for Maddie, a fairy for Annie (we finally decided on Rosetta), a mummy for Elizabeth, and Annabeth Chase (from Percy Jackson and the Olympians series).  After looking at patterns, I decided buying used from ebay was the way to go for the fairy costumes.  But I could pull together mummy and demigod outfits.

Elizabeth's costume took me a lot longer than I thought it would.  For some reason, it's always like that.  But once done, I had Elizabeth try it on, and I had a difficult time getting it off of her again.
She would not take it off.  Here she is doing her homework in it.

Next, was a Camp Half-Blood t-shirt.  As Target only had long sleeved t-shirts, this was going to be the "off-season" version of a camp t-shirt.  Google images gave me some good ideas on how to make the shirt.  
 Ta-Da!  I was happy with how it turned out.  And today, last minute, I painted some wooden beads and made a camp necklace.  It turned out ok...  But Emma liked it, so it was a go.

Emma and Elizabeth were pretty excited to go to school today.  They got to walk to the high school for a special showing of the high school play.  This meant less time for afternoon Halloween party and candy.  (Yay!)  When they got home, it was time to get ready for the church Trunk or Treat.

I scoped out our new yard to find a good spot for pictures and found one.
 Tinkerbell (aka Maddie) had a WHOLE LOT of hairspray in her hair to get it to stay in a bun.  I asked my friend Rachel (who has cut and highlighted my hair) how to get Maddie's hair to stay.  Any time I put up her hair into anything, it falls down in about an hour.  Rachel suggested "back combing" and using a whole lot of hair spray.  Her hair stayed pretty well once the texture was no longer "slippery."
 Annie insisted on wearing her cowboy boots.
Elizabeth showing her "scary" mummy face.
I found two ninja daggers for 97 cents at the store, so I bought them so Annabeth could have her dagger.  Not exactly Greek style, but Annabeth seemed pleased.  She kept pointing it at me while I took pictures.
And her new owl earrings.
We figured it was ok for Annabeth to be a brunette since the movie actress is decidedly not blonde.

We had fun at the carnival and the trunk or treat later.  One of the carnival games was to throw pennies in to glass glasses.  The High Priest group was in charge of that one.  I thought it was awfully brave of them to use fragile glasses.  Then I realized that once the kids threw a penny into the glass, it was picked up and given to the kids.  Um... why?  Who thought this was a good idea?  Ryan and I were among many parents carrying a couple of brown paper lunch sacks around the church.  We looked like a bunch of winos carrying our hard liquor in paper bags.  Happy Halloween!

Once home, we surveyed the loot.
The kids made out.  The candy may or may not have been pilfered after the kids went to bed....

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Annie and Family said...

Hey, I am all for pilfering candy. Of course having a peanut allergy in the house mean that the daddy and I have to eliminate all the chocolate processed with peanuts... but just for "safety reasons" you understand. :)