Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Home Decorating Adventures

I love Pinterest.  I have used a bunch of the tips and tricks to be found floating around out there on the internet. One I used was to dab toothpaste on the back of a frame with two hooks (on the two hooks), so there would be a tell-tail sign of how far apart the two nails should go.  Worked beautifully.

The second was to cut out paper in the shape and size of the pictures you plan on hanging and tape them to the wall.  This gives you a chance to play around with the placement without leaving a bunch of holes in your wall.  The blog in question said to use butcher paper or something plain, but since I had newspaper on hand- that's what I used.  (The newspaper was still stuck to the wall when Ryan came home from work.  He looked at it and said how good it looked.  Since one side was higher than the other to see which I liked better, and it was hacked up newsprint and not family pictures, I looked at him funny.  Either he thinks we are an unattractive family and the newspaper looks better than our photos, or he thinks I'm crazy and is taking pity on my ineptitude in home decorating and complementing my "efforts.")
 Really attractive, right?
It did come together nicely.

Yesterday I decided the toy room needed something.  I had a whole stack of pictures I wasn't sure where they should go, so I thought a "gallery" in the toy room might be nice.  However, 16 pictures seemed like a lot to trace, cut out templates, and tape to the wall before hanging up the actual pictures.  I thought I could "wing" it.  I set them out on the floor, grabbed the hammer and picture hooks and got to work.  This is the finished product:
Totally should have cut out the templates...  Or had someone helping me with spacing.  It needs some work...  But, I did finally use my Silhouette to cut out vinyl for the first time for my kids' artwork wall yesterday.

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