Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Family Day

Yesterday most of my husbands family came over to our house (minus Michael, Blair and their son Simon, who obviously think they are too good for us and came up with some lame excuse of going to see Blair's brother when he came home from his mission-humpf).  Ryan's grandma flew up from California, and everyone converged here to see her.  Our new, lovely, very big house is a good place for big family get-togethers like this.

 It was also a good opportunity to celebrate Annie and Maddie's birthday again with the extended family.  I don't think they minded having to open some more presents.

Annie asked Grandpa to change Cinderella's clothes.  I laughed to myself and took pictures of Grandpa's fingers trying to manipulate the teeny, tiny clothes for the teeny, tiny doll.
For dinner we had our friends James, Tiffany and their kids over to join us, since their furnace was out.  With another 5 people here, we ended up having the kids eat on the floor of the kitchen while the adults ate at the two tables set up in the front room.  Ryan and I were kidding around about leaving a jar by the front door and letting our guests give donations for a bigger table.  We made need one eventually, as the family continues to grow.  But it isn't such a bad problem. :)

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