Friday, November 9, 2012

Boise Temple Open House

Sometimes I think we are certifiably crazy.  Yesterday morning at about 7:20 am, we all clambered into our minivan and went for a 5 hour drive to the Boise LDS temple.  We made pretty good time, only stopping once for lunch and a potty break.  As we drew close the the freeway exit, I saw one of those construction-type signs on the side of the road with directions on which exit to take to go to the LDS Temple Open House.  I started laughing, which started my coughing again (more on that later), and I was unable to tell Ryan what had set me off until after we had passed the sign.  It must be an Idaho thing.  I'm pretty sure I didn't see anything like that for the other two open houses I've attended in our state.

Once we arrived, we all stayed in the car and shimmied into our church attire.  I'm sure we made for a nice show, had anyone been paying attention.  

The kids were pretty excited to be able to go inside the temple.  (To learn about LDS temple open houses, click here to read about them.)  We all got glamorous "booties" to go over our shoes and we swish, swished our way inside.  Maddie loved the sparkly chandeliers and asked for one for her room for her "burpday."  I thought the stained glass windows throughout the building were beautiful.

Once we were finished with the tour, we went back to our car for our coats and the camera.  We didn't drive 5 hours to have no pictures to remember this by.  We walked back on the grounds and looked for a good photo op.  We found one, and looked for a good place to balance the camera while the timer ran down while Ryan ran back to be with the family for the picture.  Well, there wasn't any good places.  There was a garbage can, but the edge was too slippery.  While Ryan was searching for something better, I shrugged out of my coat and threw it across the garbage can.  Now the camera wouldn't fall into the hole.  We were set.  The first time, Annie followed Ryan over to set the self timer and when Ryan grabbed her to run back, her boot fell off and so she was screaming when the camera took our picture.  It wasn't a good look for her.  The second try was better.

 We love fountains.

Once we felt our wiggles were sufficiently sufficed, we all piled back in the car for the ride home.  That's right- we drove all 5 hours back home the same day as the first 5 hours.  The kids did great.  They were rewarded with hot fudge sundaes at McDonalds when we stopped for dinner.  We listened to 2 audio books, watched 1 movie, and sung along to music.  I still need to get a video of all the kids singing along to "Call Me Maybe."  It's the funniest thing.

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