Friday, November 9, 2012

Sickie Poo

I got sick this year- really, truly, good and sick.  The day after Halloween, I started feeling kind of "off."  By Friday morning, I had a fever, chills, and a good, solid cough.  Ryan stayed home from work to take care of the kids so I could be pathetic lying down instead of pathetic and trying to take care of kids.  Hopefully rest would be just the thing to get me going again.

Saturday (and the twins' birthday) I was worse.

Sunday I was starting to sound like Elizabeth before I took her to the doctor a couple of weeks ago.  Ryan found some Mucinex for me, and after a couple of doses, I was breathing easier.  I was coughing a bunch, but at least I felt like I could take a good breath in.  I was still horizontal and shivering under our big denim blanket.

Monday the twins watched too much tv.

Tuesday, I showered and took the minivan in to get our break pads replaced, and that was my big accomplishment for the day.

Wednesday was my day to help with preschool.  Since Thursday was no school due to parent teacher conferences, we switched days.  We were going to have a field trip, and I was needed to help drive kids to Kid's Castle to run around and play.  I mostly sat by myself once we got there, so I wouldn't cough on people.  Thankfully, a couple other moms not with our preschool group came too, so I was able to trade seating when Maddie had an accident, and just go home early.  After a trip to Costco.  We were out of cheese and a few other necessary things.  Then I laid down for the rest of the day.

Thursday we drove to Boise and back in a single day.  Instead of getting antsy and wiggly after sitting in the car for so long, I was content to just be an un-energetic blob.  The only thing missing was my blanket (I brought my pillow) and putting my feet up.

Now it's another Friday, and I am still on the couch feeling like I'm trying to cough up a lung.  My fever still comes and goes, usually with timing of my doses of Tylanol or Advil.  The kids think my voice sounds like Daddy's voice.  I'm really tired of this virus.  It is taking its merry time going away.  I need to get my energy back, and soon!

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Tasha said...

So sorry you were sick! My kids have been watching too much Dora/Diego for the past month... I just don't have the energy to entertain all day.