Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day

This morning the kids woke up to leprechaun aftermath.  Most of the pictures in the house were sideways:
 The toilet water was green.  (But I won't subject anyone to pictures of the inside of our toilets.)  The leprechauns were SUPER tricky, because even when you flush the toilet, the new water comes in green. They must have done the tank too.

The kids tied the fridge doors shut with fazoodles last night.  When they got up this morning, it was still tied shut, but the milk was green anyway.
The kids tried to make a leprechaun trap, but there was no leprechaun there this morning.  Those sneaky leprechauns did leave us with a bunch of "gold" chocolate coins, and a roll of Rolos.  How did they know how much Ryan and I like Rolos?

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