Thursday, March 28, 2013

We Day

Ryan got to chaperon a high school field trip yesterday to Seattle for the first US We Day.  He left the house at 3 am, and got home a little after 8 pm.  Ryan came home very jazz-ed about his day, although it could have been the sleep deprivation going crazy on him.  The kids weren't in bed yet (yesterday being the last day of school before spring vacation, and there was no need to get them to bed on time if dad isn't home).  Once the kids were in bed, he had to share about his day..... to his sisters, his brother, his parents....

For one, he was glad the message was all about service, and making a difference in your community.  There was not one deviation into a gay marriage/gun control/other liberal activist message.

But by far the biggest excitement came from the celebrity line-up.  Some we knew, some we didn't.  The generation gap is rearing its head.  He said the most excitement from the audience came for a group called Macklemore.  And I said, "Who's that?"
Ryan left still not knowing what the song was about.  It was THAT loud in the crowd.  But all the teenagers had their cell phones out, recording the performance.  Ryan thought he'd be cool too, and he recorded a portion of the performance.  I watched it on his phone and all I heard was crowd fuzz, and saw a tiny lit stage.  After a google search, I am now more familiar with their music.  But I hope they cleaned up whatever song it was that they performed for the kids.  Geez.  But, Ryan wants an ugly coat like that pictured above.  He thinks it would make a great Halloween costume.

Also on stage at some point during the day were the Seahawks coach and some of the football players, Jennifer Hudson (Ryan texted me and asked who that was.  She I knew of, so I was able to tell him.), Kid President, MC Hammer, Martin Sheen, Magic Johnson, JR Martinez, Seattle's mayor and WA state governor, The Tenors, and a bunch of others.  

It was quite a day.

I, on the other hand, wanted a new pair of jeans.  One of my favorite pairs has a great big hole in the knee.  I took the twins with me shopping, and never found a pair that I liked and fit me with my hooligans in tow.  I'm sure there's something out there, but I guess I need to try looking without two someones whining that their legs are too tired to walk anymore.  But, I did get the van cleaned out and vacuumed, so yay for my day...

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Annie and Family said...

Sweet coat... go for it Ryan! Danae, I took four of my kids with me shopping for jeans. NOT FUN my friend... feel your frustration!