Saturday, March 2, 2013


Ryan has been talking about making cheese for a while now.  He found out last weekend that mozzarella is fast and easy to do last weekend, he got online and bough rennet tablets.  Today, they arrived in the mail.  So we bought ourselves a gallon of whole milk, and away he went.

First the milk was warmed slowly on the stove.  Then he added vinegar and rennet.
 Then it's time to strain the whey.  Next, add salt and knead it.
 (And talk to his mom on the computer.)
 Ta da!  A half hour from beginning to end- mozzarella cheese.
Once the kids were in bed, he made another batch with the 2nd half of the gallon of milk.  Ryan was so excited.  He has made cheese!  (And really, how many people can say they have?)

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Annie and Family said...

Yum! We LOVE cheese!!!! But I don't think I'd have the patience. Go Ryan