Saturday, August 3, 2013

Back To School

Ryan began classes for an online master's program, and tonight marks the end of week two.  Only fifty-one weeks left.

We got the welcome box in the mail this week.  Ryan went from "interested" to "enrolled" to "started" in a matter of three weeks.  It was so fast, the "thanks for being interested in us" box arrived after his textbooks, and after school started.

The other school and program he was looking into wasn't going to start in September after all, and after talking to some other teachers at Ag Teacher's conference, and another teacher at his school, Ryan decided to go ahead with this program.  It is 53 weeks, beginning to end, and all online.  By next August, Ryan will have his Masters in Education.  

Then next year, the plan is for him to do his Admin Internship.

The madness has begun.

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