Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of

Ryan had to help at the fair this morning.  The fair officially ended around 11 pm last night, so the sold animals had to be loaded to go to their various destinations.  Ryan's first sheep truck was to arrive at 6:30 am.  Between the sorting and loading, and taking down the FFA display, and cleaning out Willie's pen, I did not expect Ryan to join us for church until late, if at all.

We were off to a slow start, and we sorta skulked into the chapel after the sacrament.  I didn't do such a great job getting everyone all ready for church, so when Annie and Maddie claimed they needed to go to the bathroom, I didn't feel like I could say no.

Sacrament meeting was in all other respects uneventful (minus the part where the movie, "The Vow" with Channing Tatum was referenced in the high councilman's talk), and thankfully short due to our tardy entrance.  We made our way to Primary.  Our Primary presidency is down to two of us now, with Brittney being released 3 weeks ago and our secretary MIA for the last year or so.  Laura was taking care of teachers and visitors in Senior Primary when Junior Primary was supposed to start.  We had exactly 12 kids and 2 teachers, plus one substitute (yay- we had success getting a teacher to find their own sub!), and no pianist.  We were off to a great start.

I stood to start opening exercises.  We asked if anyone played piano, and the mom of one of the visiting kids (they were visiting from Ireland, no less) kindly stepped in to play in opening exercises.  Our pianist was out of town last week, so I had been in charge of the music folder/book and I had brought it to church with me today.  Our pianist did arrive for singing time.

During Senior Primary singing time, Laura (Primary president) told me that she had tracked down the bishop to discuss callings (aka teachers) with him.  (If you've ever worked in Primary, you would know this is a constant battle.  However, a Primary presidency with only two people in it is cruel.)  Sadly, he was available during Sharing Time (lesson), which Laura was in charge of today.  Would I be willing to do Sharing Time?  I had been there for Sharing Time for Jr. Primary, so I knew kind of what it was about.


90 seconds later, I was in front of a room full of kids and a couple of adults with 15 minutes of "winging it."  My absolute least favorite thing in the whole world.  If I had been in my underwear, it would exactly resemble a nightmare I've had.  I babbled.  I know I did.

That's when some one's phone started playing Carrie Underwoods, "Blown Away."  Everyone looked around.  Emma said, "Mom, is that your phone?"

While this song may be on my phone, I was utterly confused why it would be playing out of the blue.  The last thing playing had been piano music courtesy of Pandora this morning while we were getting ready for church.  I was absolutely bewildered why this was happening to me, because the strains of, "Blown Away" were definitely coming from the direction of my bag and phone.  Hadn't I put my phone on vibrate?  I was so sure I had.  I am really losing my marbles.  (I can really berate myself in the time it takes me to walk 10 steps.)

My phone was dark.  It was not playing anything.  But there was another bag a few feet away from mine- a teacher had passed her class of two to another teacher and had gone to Relief Society and left her bag in the Primary room.  It was her phone ringing.  I left it alone.  I figured it had to be about done, and it was.

When Primary was done, Laura came back.  The bishop had stood her up.  I'm sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation, but we are still impatiently waiting to discuss those callings.

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