Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Grandpa Camp Pictures

Every year at Grandpa Camp, the kids/all of us go get pictures taken.  This year it was taken to a whole new level as we all had matching camp t-shirts.  All. Of. Us.  

PS It's worth "friending" a photographer on Facebook so you can see pictures of yourself being posted, even if you've met her all of three times. :)

First up (but certainly not in order), our family.
 Then there's me and Ryan totally goofing off while others were being photographed.  Didn't realize she'd snap a picture in our direction....
 The girls.
 Grandpa and his grand kids in order of their birth.  (Rick does not have 13 grand kids.  That's just the year.)  I thought it would be funny to put a number 08 on Blair's belly.

 Big family shot.  Kim's mom, as well as her brother Jon and his family were dragged welcomed to the photo shoot.  Just because no one had their fill of photos at Brynne's wedding.  haha.

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