Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Happy Anniversary

Saturday Ryan and I celebrated our 12 year anniversary.  Ryan bought me a dozen red roses.
 And then we got busy with the our big project of the day.    We have this giant black walnut tree in our backyard that is half dead, and getting worse.  Rather than wait for some wind storm to take it out, we decided to be proactive in getting rid of it.  A 74-year-old friend of my father-in-law came for the day to cut down the tree.  Roger W retired from cutting down trees about 20 years ago, but still enjoys helping people take down trees.

The before picture.
 The girls and the chainsaws.
 Ryan helping Bro. W get hooked up to the tree.
 Here we have quite the mess accumulating on our lawn.
 Ryan invited the missionaries to come over and help.
 It was interesting to watch how the trunk was cut.  First a cut was made, then Bro. W pounded in wedges.
 Once the biggest wedge was hammered all the way in, the trunk was not in a hurry to come down.  So we waited, and waited, and Bro. W climbed down for a rest.

Finally it started to go.
 It was a really hot day, so we stopped there, and focused on cleaning up our neighbor's alfalfa field.
 Our yard was a disaster.  We have huge holes in the grass, and so, so many broken sticks and tree pieces laying all over.  We tried working on it as a family, and progress was being slowly made.

After I got the kids to bed, Ryan and I celebrated our anniversary with some bottles of Henry Weinhard root beer, and watched a movie on the couch.

Tuesday we invited all three sets of local missionaries (1 for our ward, and 2 for the Spanish Branch) over for an exciting dinner of hot dogs and chips, and put all of them to work.  The 8 of us adults worked for over an hour, and we got most of the big chunks of wood and the larger branches moved, and then spent the rest of the time raking the smaller stuff out of the grass.  Then we roasted marshmallows over a fire for dessert with the two sets of missionaries who didn't have an appointment to go to at 8 pm.

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