Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Off To The Fair

It's fair week again.  Today we went down and helped Ryan set up his FFA display.  (His students were busy getting their animals ready instead of feeling helpful.  But that's ok; Ryan has us.)
Ryan found some old FFA banner from the '60s to use.  Back when it was actually Future Farmers of America.  
Afterwards, we loaded Willie up into a trailer we borrowed.  It was nearly 100 degrees (or 102 according to a reader board I saw in town) and it was every bit as fun as it sounds.  (Gee, let's try to get a pig to step up into a trailer he's never been in.  Right.)  We gave ourselves lots of time, and Ryan said it went about as well as could be expected.  I have to say, this was another first for me, so I have to believe him.  We were all filthy and sweaty, and Emma told Ryan after they arrived at the fair for weigh-in that he had poop on his face.

As Ryan and Emma were climbing into the truck to leave, Annie burst into tears.  We've been pretty up front about Willie's fate with the kids.  Annie thought she was not going to see Willie again, and she was grief stricken.  We let her say goodbye, and told her we were going to see him LOTS of times this week before the sale.  (Sale= bacon for someone.)

We also got Emma's record book and buyer's letters done today.  I am sure learning a lot about 4-H as an adult.  I was not adequately prepared for my life as the wife of the FFA advisor.  Good thing I can learn.

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