Friday, September 20, 2013

Bugged Out

Today is a no school day, for teacher "professional development," so the kids and I have been hanging out.  Well, after lunch I was throwing the rest of the dishes in the dishwasher to do a load (ah, the joys of having everyone home all day- two loads of dishes), I picked up this pink plastic cup.  I registered a glimpse of something black and creepy inside:
So, I did the most logical thing.  I threw the cup into the sink, rather forcefully.  After a second to catch my breath and work up my courage, I took a second peek.  It was only Emma's prank ice cube.

Someone "got" me good.  But I didn't scream, and the kids don't know.  I am hesitant to admit it.  The girls keep trying to "trick" me, and if they knew they were successful, it will happen again and again and again...

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