Sunday, September 29, 2013

College Student

I think this year is a tiring one.  Doing a masters degree in one year sounds like a good idea, but then reality hits.  We haven't set an alarm on Sunday since Ryan was released from his calling teaching a Sunday School class and he no longer spends his morning preparing his lesson.  An alarm isn't really necessary, since we are awake in enough time to get ready.  

This morning when we decided to open our eyes and check out the time, it was already after 9 am.  We'd heard the kids downstairs, but as they were quiet and undemanding, we pulled the comforter up higher and rolled over for another few minutes.  Ryan looked at me, and I looked back, and we decided we were not making it to Sacrament Meeting.  Well, it might have been possible, but not without yelling and screaming, and that didn't sound like a great way to start a Sunday.

Well, now it is after church, and Ryan is back to sleep:
Being a college student, dad, husband, community member, and teacher (and part-time farmer) is wearing the poor guy out.

Another story about Ryan:

Yesterday Ryan had to stop by a house belonging to an older couple on the verge of retirement to pick something up that had been borrowed.  They are downsizing considerably, and we'd heard about their upcoming estate sale before they leave permanently in November.  I suggested to Ryan to see if they would consider doing a "preview" sale of a dresser or maybe a larger dining room table while he was there.

A half hour later, as I was in the process of making dinner, I got a call from Ryan.  We can't do early sales of the furniture, BUT there's this rototiller that we can get for a great deal ("only $350") and is that ok?

Oh sure.  Why not.  It will be so much more useful than a dresser with drawers that actually close for Emma, or a table with enough matching chairs for the family.

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