Monday, September 16, 2013


Last night for dessert, Maddie requested graham crackers and Nutella.  In my effort to teach my children how to be independent and self-sufficient, I helped Maddie get what she couldn't reach (namely the container of Nutella, for reasons best understood by parents of children with a sweet tooth), and let her make her own dessert.  Usually I supervise activities like this, but I was paged by another child to come help with something.  Elizabeth was still at the table eating her dessert (pumpkin bread), so I asked her to make sure Maddie didn't eat all of the Nutella.  I marched up the stairs thinking, "Look at my great parenting skills.  Maddie is perfecting her fine motor skills and is taking care of her own needs, and Elizabeth gets the chance to be the responsible sister which is good for her."

Two minutes later, I returned to find Elizabeth and Maddie dipping their fingers in the Nutella, licking, and (probably by this time) deca-dipping.

Parenting is such a humbling experience.

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Tasha said...

At least this way there wasn't a dirty knife left out! ;)