Thursday, September 26, 2013


Over Labor Day weekend, we took a one night camping trip to Camp Zarahemla.  The day before our intended trip, we mentioned in passing to our friends that we were going camping, and would they like to come too?  Kyle thought it sounded like a good time, and said he would talk it over with his wife, Suzanne.

Well, at 3:30 Friday afternoon, they arrived without warning on our doorstep, ready to go.  Emma and Elizabeth weren't even done with school, and I was still in full on packing mode.  There were piles of stuff ready to be stashed into the minivan, bags partially packed, food being prepared and packed, and I was not ready for company.  

We sent them on ahead with printed directions, and we followed an hour later.  We arrived in enough time to set up our tent in the daylight hours, and get ready for the long night ahead.  We chickened out, and got fast food on the road, rather than try and cook something when we got there for dinner late.  We were able to cook s'mores, and the kids were happy about that.  

It was a long, cold night in our Great and Spacious Tent.

We did cook our breakfast on the fire in the morning, and fed some other roaming kids too.
Then it was play time.
Elizabeth made a friend.  (And I don't remember her name...)  But they thought they would be GREAT friends, since they both wear glasses.
Emma and Luci went out in a paddle boat by themselves.  5th and 6th graders are much too cool to hang out with their moms and dads.
 Annie, Maddie, and Elizabeth snuck a ride on a paddle boat with Brittney, Jane and Joe.
 Family canoe ride (minus Emma, she was still out with Luci).
 Kyle and Suzanne.
If you look at the bottom left corner of the picture above, you can see the baggie that I had around my cell phone.  I am paranoid of falling in when I am out on the water.
Then it was time to come home.  Either all the fun in the outdoors, or the lack of adequate sleep, caused three of the four kids to crash on the drive.

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