Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Few Words

As I sit here trying to catch up with my blog, I am thinking about the more somber Christmas Season we've had this year.  It started with my Grandpa passing away before Thanksgiving, and attending his funeral in early December.  While I know he isn't in pain anymore and lived a full life, and likely very happy to see relatives that have passed before him, I'm sad for me.  And I'm sad that my children never knew him like I did.

The week following his funeral, a lady from church that I knew from Primary in her mid-fifties also passed away.

And the following week, Cannon Copeland (you can read his mom's blog here) left his all-too-short mortal sojourn due to Menkes Disease at the tender age of 3.  We know his family from church, and his mom Natalie helped throw my baby shower before the twins were born.  The lives and examples of the Copeland family as they have shared their life with Cannon have touched everyone they have come in contact with.

While we do as a family like to celebrate the more "fun" aspects of the Christmas season, this year it's been a bit different.  We've had quite the reminder that life is short, and some things are more important than others.
So, let's celebrate the birth of our Savior.  Let this time of year be a reminder that He is the one who has borne all for us, and is the way and the path that leads us back to our Father in Heaven.

Families are forever, and I am so thankful for that.  I'm thankful for temples so my family can be sealed together even after this mortal life.  I'm thankful for the Holy Ghost, and the peace I can receive when my heart aches.

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