Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cookies With Mrs. Claus

After a late night of travel, Ryan was up early to head down to the high school.  The FFA was hosting the community event Cookies with Mrs. Claus.  Ryan put a couple of people on the job of getting ready on Friday while we were out of town, and they did a great job.  (That's not to say that Ryan hadn't spent HOURS beforehand, because he did.  And I did help too, as I was the reason we were gone the day before his big shindig.)  

When the girls and I arrived, it was in full swing.
 We grabbed our cups of frosting, two cookies per kid, and found a table.

 Then we headed over to say hi to Santa and Mrs. Claus.
When we were done, the kids went into the library and watched a movie, while I took pictures and chatted with people. 
The cheer leaders and dance team also helped out.
Once we were all cleaned up, we headed home to gear up for the parade.

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