Sunday, December 8, 2013

Parade Night

I think this may have been the coldest night for our annual parade that we've been to.  If not, it was right down there with the lowest of the low.  My roommate from college Jauna has always wanted to ride in a parade float, and this was the year it worked out that she could come and ride on Ryan's FFA float.

Poor Jauna's family.  I wonder if they've forgiven her yet.

Ryan's parents were in town, and kindly offered to sit with our girls in their car and watch the parade from the high school parking lot.  Some years it would have been impossible to see the parade route, but not this year.  The turn out for the parade was quite low compared with last year, thanks to the frozen weather.  I think our daytime high was 20 degrees.
Ryan was given a big tractor to pull his float this year, on a loan.  This thing cost at least as much, if not more, than our house.  But it kept us out of the cold, and I didn't have to drive (and worry about doing something wrong), and so I was thankful.
I take awesome "selfies."  See the inside of my nose?

I hopped out of the tractor at the high school, as it is pretty much at the end of the parade route.  I offered to let Jauna and her family thaw out in my minivan, while I crammed in my in-law's little SUV with the 6 of them.  When the parade ended, Rick and Kim took 3 the girls back to the house while Emma and I took Jauna's family back to her car.

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