Monday, May 5, 2014

Pig Herdsmen

This was Elizabeth's first year in 4-H, and Emma's third.  They both took pigs to the Jr. Livestock show this year.

 Meet Jack (Elizabeth's pig), and George (Emma's pig).  And no, I don't think I can tell them apart.  What I do know is Jack weighs 270 lbs and George weighs 280 lbs.
 The livestock show, although I did not stay there as long as Ryan did, does seem to last forever.  Annie and Maddie have a busy social life with preschool, but we made sure we were there for the important stuff.

After a while, even a mud puddle looks interesting.

The first judging round was for the pig itself, and Elizabeth and her pig are put in the show ring with pigs of comparable weights, but of all ages for kids.  The second day of judging is how well kids of her experience do against each other.

 Emma is getting a lot better with showing her pig.
 I just had to show this one, even though it's of her backside.  Good pig showmanship form!

The air in the pig barn was horrendous, but more on that later.

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