Sunday, May 4, 2014

Catching Up

I can't believe it has been so long since I've updated my blog.  There have been a number of reasons for this, mainly being that:

Ryan is working and going to school full time.
Ryan has been called to be the Young Men's president.
I'm watching extra kids again a couple of days a week.
Our computer is getting old and is a pain to work with.

Anyway, I've just felt so overwhelmed by our life right now that blogging just hasn't made it on my to do list.

I am still alive, though.  And to prove it, here are some pictures from my phone.  Maybe I'll get around to getting the pictures off the camera and really catch up one of these days.

Ryan got a free razor in the mail from Gillette, which ordinarily wouldn't be anything super special.  But the fact that they were wishing him a happy 18th birthday made me laugh.  I guess I married a super mature looking 6 year old back in 2001.

 This is what we had for dinner on St. Patrick's Day.  We had Irish soda bread, Colcannon, boiled cabbage and carrots, and corned beef.  I even made some Apple Amber for dessert, which was interesting.  The tricky leprechauns came by our house and did some tricky things, like turning the milk and toilet water green, and making our pictures and couch cushions topsy turvey.
 On one of the teacher in-service days, Froggy was a guest at the library.  I brought all 4 girls with me, and Emma refused to get her picture taken with Froggy as she is much, much too big for that sort of thing.
 During Dr. Seuss reading/spirit week, the kids had some dress up days.  This was Favorite Book Character day, so Elizabeth is Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson series, and Emma (of course) was Hermione Granger.
This was stripes and spots day.
On the afternoon just at the end of the school day on the last day of school before Spring Break, Ryan had about 3000 plant starts delivered to the school.  So we spent a morning helping Ryan and some of his FFA students transplant those starts into 6 packs.

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