Sunday, May 4, 2014


Occasionally I post things to Facebook instead of to the blog.  Since I am so far behind blogging, here are a few of those posts to help catch us all up.

Being assured when we bought our cat from a local veterinarian that our cat was a boy last November, we named him Merlin. So imagine our surprise when Merlin got fat and started developing other pregnancy symptoms in the last couple of weeks.

I am suffering some music whiplash. 3 songs from Frozen, Frosty the Snowman stopped after the first chorus, 1 minute of Call Me Maybe, now onto some Barbie soundtrack. I might need to put the iPod and speakers somewhere out of the reach of 5 year old fingers.

As I was leaving the restroom stall at McDonald's today, there was a lady trying (and failing) to coax her grandson into the other stall. When faced with automatic flushing toilets, kids' emotions seem to range from wariness to screaming refusal to enter the stall with the Awful Monster of a Toilet. When I caught the lady's eye, I suggested to cover the sensor with toilet paper. Later, as I was leaving the Play Place with kids in tow, the lady pulled me aside and told me I was brilliant. I need to be told I am brilliant every once in a while. It's really nice.

You know it's a good spill when you get milkshake on the table, chairs, floor, walls, and ceiling.

Now that my father-in-law and a new neighbor have both randomly dropped by this morning, it might be time to change out of my sweat pants.

In case anyone was wondering, it's even more amazing to be interrupted in the bathroom by a child not your own.

Me: You girls can watch your movie until Dad is done with his homework and then it is bedtime. Twins: Take your time, Dad! Elizabeth: We just want you to do your best! Me: {unladylike snort} Riiiiiiight.

You might be desperate to hang out with your husband if you will go to a school board meeting he has to attend just so you can sit by him for a while.

If the child being seen by the doctor and her two younger siblings get a small treat or sticker for "being so good" at the office, how come the mom isn't given chocolate for having managed 3 children in a small space for the last half hour?

Thanks to Lemony Snicket, when Ryan starts talking about "in loco parentis" in his college courses, I actually know what that means!

There are mornings that having a cattle prod would be advantageous.

Annie and Maddie aren't completely over their destructive stage. After my shower, I came down to a game of Squish The Dixie Cup. Every paper cup we own was spread all over the family room, and the girls were hopping around smashing the cups.

Comparing your wife to a Wookie, however favorably, is never a good idea.

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