Saturday, May 10, 2014

On A Whim

A while back, the Young Women at church had a wedding dress "fashion show" for one of their Wednesday night activities.  I was asked if they could borrow my wedding dress for the occasion.  Since I had yet to take the dress in to be dry cleaned again, I decided I would try on the dress myself.  If I remember correctly, I am decently close in weight to where I was then.

Talk about a humbling experience.  Oh boy.  My hips, rib cage, waist, and shoulders are all proportioned differently.  (I'm blaming the kids.)  Due to my restricted movement in the dress, I had to ask for Ryan's help getting the zipper up.  I would have heaved a sigh of relief when the zipper made it to its final destination, but I couldn't take any deep breaths.
But I did it.  I can claim that I could fit into my wedding dress from 13 years before.

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