Thursday, May 8, 2014

Livestock Show

Emma and Elizabeth did well at the Jr. Livestock Show.  Emma got reserve champion in her pig's weight class, and both girls got blue ribbons.
Wednesday it was time to say goodbye to Jack and George.  This is a particularly rough day.  Even though we know from the day we bring the piglets home that they are going to be someone else's dinner at the end of the livestock show, it's hard to say goodbye.
 The girls in line to sell their pigs.
After the pigs are run through (or pushed through, in Elizabeth's case) the show ring, the pigs are separated into "destination" pens, and that's it, as far as the pigs go.  All we had left was to help take down our 4-H chapter's display.
The air in the pig barn was awful.  Every one's allergies were acting up, but Elizabeth had the worst of it.  We had to make sure she was using her nebulizer regularly, and I would take her home early when I could.

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