Monday, December 8, 2014

Cookies with Santa and Mrs. Claus

Ryan's FFA chapter put on Cookies with Mrs. Claus again.  It's quite a production, and they figured there were about 700 kids that came through in the 1.5 hours.  

Annie woke up with a fever that morning, and a good one at that.  I have decided that with two kids in kindergarten, we might as well hang the quarantine flag above our door, because we are going to get every single bug that goes through the kindergarten classes.  I don't know if they are licking door knobs or what, but gee whiz.  We get a new bug every two weeks....

Deciding that the best way to get rid of a bug is to share it with others, I took the kids to the Cookies thing anyway.  We did go at the end, sat away from people, and tried to keep Annie's situation on the down low.  I was not about to let something like germs stand in the way of a tradition! 
You can tell Annie isn't feeling her best.

Annie didn't even eat her cookie.  You can tell when a kid is actually really and truly sick- they say no to sweets.
Sorry Santa.  I assume germs go with having kids sit on your lap for a living.
I had to put the flash on for the family picture.  I guess high schoolers don't realize that there are cameras outside of a cell phone, and the flash told us all that she was actually taking a picture this time.
We stayed a few minutes late so I could take the big group photo.  Well, most of the group.  Some of the kids had to go right at 11 am.
Whew.  Another one done.  It makes it a little sad that this might be Ryan's last.  Or it might not be.  The opportunity to find a new job next year is a little nerve wracking.

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