Thursday, December 18, 2014

Internship Update

This is what I see of Ryan these days.  When he's actually home, that is.
The guest room has his table, chair, books, and school laptop.  That's where he has "set up shop" for his school work.  It's amazing really- not only do we pay Gonzaga for the time Ryan spends doing the Admin Internship (the part where he's practicing to be a school principal at school), but there's a whole boat load of school work to do too.

Ryan has a bunch of projects and papers due tomorrow night, and he's been trying so hard to get it done tonight since we have plans tomorrow.  He's on track to be done.

And then we have a blissful two week break- a break from his job, and a break from the internship madness.

When he's done tonight, it will mark the halfway point.  He's put in his minimum required number of hours already (540 hours since August), and he's halfway done with the school work.  I wish I could say that we were set on the "hours" portion of the internship, but I imagine he'll keep busy on that too.

He will be officially done on May 15th of next year, but he says the interns often keep doing intern stuff until the end of the school year.  And the final project is, of course, getting a job.  We are hoping/praying/keeping our fingers crossed/knocking on wood that the right job will open up and Ryan can get it.

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