Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

The kids were nice to their parents, and didn't get up until after 7 am this morning.  Ryan and I heard the excited feet and voices downstairs, followed by the footsteps coming up to our room.  "It's CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!"
 Maddie got right to work putting on her new chapstick.

I love Annie's face here.  She was unbelievably excited about her basketball from Santa.

Once we were done opening presents, we cleaned up and got ready for our neighbor, Dan, to come for a waffle breakfast.  With our new waffle iron.  :)

Then we just hung out, and played with the new stuff.  Elizabeth made some bracelets on the wonder loom.
 We cannot have too many craft supplies in this house.  Seriously.
The arrow is pointing to the Alien Sphere Ryan received.  This thing is an upgrade from the usual RC helicopter because the whole thing is protected by a wire sphere.  The blades have yet to look beat up.

Ryan also got this in his stocking:
Santa had a sense of humor this year.

It was kind of a let down at first.  Ryan didn't take a good look at it, thinking it was lotion, so there was no real reaction.  But later, when I asked him about it and he figured out what it was, we had a good laugh.  And then a test drive.  The stuff works.

After lunch, we headed back to Ryan's folks for Christmas presents, part deux and Christmas dinner.

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