Monday, December 8, 2014

Lighted Farm Implement Parade

Living in a small agricultural based town is amazing.  "Lighted Farm Implement Parade"?  You would not find something like that in a metropolis.  We can boast having the first one of its kind 25-ish years ago.

With Annie sick, we weren't going to have all the kids ride on the parade float.  Ryan and I brain-stormed for a bit, and decided that Annie and I would watch at the high school, and when Ryan let off all the kids, I could take responsibility for mine and we could go home instead of waiting for Ryan to do the loop before parking the tractor.
 So, here we are waiting for the parade to start.  It was cold, but not frigid this year.

 Here come the tractors!
 And other lighted displays....  Coca Cola always does a cool truck.
 Ryan's borrowed FFA tractor.
 Emma and Elizabeth got off, but Maddie stayed in the cab with her dad where it was warm.

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