Friday, December 19, 2014

The Friday Before Christmas

This morning started with Ryan wearing his infamous annual "It's the last day before Christmas break" sweater.  It's amazing every. single. year.  I posted this picture on Facebook, and it was a hit.  He got 54 "likes," and many loving comments.  ("That is.... hard to put into words.  But you rock it!" and "Wow.... just.... wow." and "That is something special." etc.)
 In the afternoon, I went to Annie's Christmas party.  I was the only parent to come help out, so I kept busy.  It was very nice to have the twins' parties on different days.  Of course, I couldn't go to Elizabeth's, and Emma didn't have one for the first time ever.  Middle school is too cool for that sort of thing.
 The kids decorated waffle cones to make Christmas trees.

And then in the evening, it was our ward Christmas party.  First was dinner (at which we sat at our own table- it's a bummer to have 4 kids as it doesn't allow you to sit with other families anymore), and then for the program.

I guess pretty much everyone is sick right now.  The germs are hitting everyone.  Both the Primary pianist and chorister were home sick, so Sarah W and I filled in last minute.  (Attack of the nursery leaders!)  My voice hasn't come all the way back yet, so I was really enunciating my mouthed words as I was leading the kids in their songs.
 Emma and Elizabeth were angels in the Christmas story.  It was another opportunity to use the dresses from Brynne's wedding.
 Then the kids sang some songs to get ready for Santa to make his appearance.
 Hi Santa!
Emma wanted an mp3 player, Elizabeth wanted an alarm clock, Annie wanted a basketball, and Maddie wanted an "American Girl doll Elsa."  (I think the last one is the toddler Elsa doll.  That's what we're going with.)

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