Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Wise Christmas

James and Tiffany are so sweet and welcoming.  They invited us to another family Christmas party, and of course we accepted.  Our dinner included tamales and Spanish style rice.  Nothing says Christmas quite like tamales.  At least, if you live in Sunnyside.  And after 11 years here, it really does feel like home.  It's longer than I've lived in any other place.

Tiffany's mom brought over numbered chimes that we played like bells.  I did have a turn, but I can't play and take pictures at the same time....  And somebody has to document these things.

After the food and music and visiting, it was time for the Christmas story.  Annie was chosen to be Mary.  And I had to figure out a way for a slippery scarf to stay wrapped around Annie, and all I had was a couple of bobby pins.  We had a couple wardrobe malfunctions, but nothing too major.
 Annie riding her "donkey" (Job), while Joseph (Patrick) led the way to Bethlehem.

 Maddie was a sheep.
 Elizabeth was the star, and Emma a wise man.  Wise woman?  In a house full of people with the last name of Wise, what do we call Emma?  A non-Wise girl?  Hm.  This needs further thought.
They were all adorable.  Acting out the Christmas story is so sweet and touching, and even a little hilarious.  Welcome to having kids.  
I'm so glad we have such good friends.  I'm so thankful that they treat us like family, and let us crash family events.  This is one of the reasons why Sunnyside is home for us- because sometimes you find those people who are family regardless of what your family tree might say.

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