Wednesday, December 9, 2015

SEA dinner

The education association has a Christmas dinner every year, where they have the lunch ladies at one of the middle schools "cater."  I define that loosely, considering what we eat tastes very much like a school lunch- overly salty, overly processed, marginally good tasting food.  But the kids can decorate sugar cookies with the high school royalty, and Santa makes a visit.  Also, we usually sit with the Wises, so it's not a total waste of an evening.  And it's one of those things we usually do during the Christmas season.  This was the first year we had to be specifically invited as Ryan is no longer a teacher belonging to the union.  The union can invite administration if they feel like it, and they usually do.

 This Santa doesn't look like one who plays Santa for a living.  But we aren't too picky.  I like to make sure the younger believers have a chance to tell Santa what they want for Christmas, because it's good to be prepared.
From here, we went to the 4-H Christmas party which I neglected to takes pictures at.  Only the two older girls participated in the blanket exchange, which meant I took the younger two to Walmart later to pick out their own $5 fleece blanket to fill the huge void that suddenly opened up in their lives.

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