Sunday, December 20, 2015

Tulle and Lace and Sparkles, Oh My

Wearing Christmas dresses the Sunday before Christmas is a tradition.  Taking pictures of those dresses in front of the Christmas tree is also a tradition.  You almost can't have Christmas without these pictures.  But getting the girls dressed and pictures taken, plus yourself looking presentable, and getting to church for choir practice at 9:15 is nothing short of a Christmas miracle.  But we did it, and whew.

Emma outgrew the Costco Christmas dresses. I had a moment of, "Oh man, now what?"  Not that the girls get new dresses every year, but there has been something that qualifies as a Christmas dress in their closet every year since babyhood.  It took some puzzling and shopping, but I found Emma a red sweater and black tulle skirt with a sparkly waist band and called it good.  Thanks Target.
 I have to bribe my kids to get nice shots by letting them do some silly ones when we are done.
And here's the one I posted on Instagram.  Aren't they a cute bunch?
Look- I even curled my hair.  Go me.
Maybe someday we can have dad back in our Sunday pictures.  He wore a Christmas tie, so he was definitely in the holiday spirit.  Also- he was conducting this week.

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