Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Salt Lake City

It's Ryan's birthday and we celebrated by walking miles and seeing the sights of Temple Square at Christmas time.  Our family came down for the sights a few years ago, but Ryan's parents and Caitlin and her girls had not seen them.  We have this idea about vacations away from home that you take in as many things as possible, and I think we exhausted everyone else.  Some of it is intentional- we want to tire out our children so they will go to sleep at night.

 We stayed for an organ concert at the Tabernacle.

 We brought plenty of hand warmers to keep us warm outside.

We stopped by the visitor's center.

And the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.  The architecture is always stunning. 
We had lunch at the mall.  The kids wanted pizza.

My lunch. I didn't want pizza and this was a really good salad..

Back to sight seeing.

 The girls and I would have fit below deck just fine if we'd been pioneers crossing the Atlantic.  Ryan wouldn't have been so fortunate.
 Back to the visitor's center for a big family picture by the Christus.

The Conference Center.  We plan on coming back once the twins turn 8 to attend General Conference.

 Naptime was over, so Blair and her kids joined up with us.  Blair of course looks pretty, and I look like I'm just trying to keep warm.  Always my goal when I'm outside in the wintertime.
 We found Elsa and Anna heading to Temple Square!
 The Church History museum.  Emma decided to get in some practice for when she's called to speak at the Conference Center one day.
 Annie decided she was still too short to be able to speak at that podium.
 Me- never going to happen.  Also, I still haven't managed to shed my winter coat.

Just a little down time before we head back outside for the Christmas lights in the dark!

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