Sunday, December 13, 2015

Ward Christmas Party

Tonight was a testament to how prepared Mormons are.  We had almost a city-wide power outage, and that included our church building.  Instead of cancelling the Christmas party, people made phone calls, dug out power generators, battery powered lights and lanterns, and we went ahead with our Christmas party.  There were enough people that still had power to cook food (we may have had a little extra something to cook), and we made it work.  It was pretty cool, and it was definitely a memorable party.  The program that the Young Men and Young Women put on up on the stage was harder to hear without a microphone, but that was about the only downside.

There were even enough generator and battery powered lights to take a photo with Santa without my flash on.
But seriously, about two minutes after this picture was taken, power was restored.  I was glad.  It made clean up a lot easier.

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