Monday, July 26, 2010

Behind Semi-Closed Doors

Last night, after the girls were put to bed, we were hearing a lot of chatter from their area of the house. Ryan tip-toed down to their bedroom and over heard the following conversation.

Elizabeth: Emma, you need to remember the rules and get back in bed! If you get caught, there's no tv tomorrow.

(Ryan enters the room to see Emma standing on the baseboard heater, behind the curtains and looking out the window.)

Emma: Oh Elizabeth. No one's here. No one is going to see me. I won't get caught. They are in the living room talking on the phone.

Elizabeth: Well don't caught, 'cause Dad is HERE.

Emma: No he's not. You can't trick me. I'll get in bed in a minute, when I'm done looking out the window.

Elizabeth: You are going to get in trouble! (Picture the sing-song voice of a sibling who knows their sister is going to get in trouble.)

Emma: He is NOT here. (Throws back curtain.) AAAAHHHH! (Clears throat.) Hi, Dad. I was just getting in bed now.

Daddy: You were not. I was standing here the whole time.

Emma: Oh. Good night. I'm just going to bed now.

Daddy: Ok. Good night, girls.


Kim said...

So cute! I keep a little journal next to my bed to jot down at the end of the day some of the things my girls have done/said. I think I'll always remember but, of course, I don't!

The pictures of your girls on the sidebar are BEAUTIFUL! Great blog!

Jules said...

Adorable! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I thought I'd return the favor and I LOVED this post. Kids are so funny. :) Your girls are beautiful.



Annie said...

Hahaha, that was so funny.

Bridget said...

love it