Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lamest Excuse Ever

We were on our way home today from church when we passed a police car stopped at a stop sign on a side street. It turned in right behind us, and we continued on our merry way. Got to a stop light, where we turned and then the police car followed suit. And then we got pulled over. Ryan was driving, but we both started doing a checklist of reasons it could be. He wasn't holding a cell phone, tabs are current... Are we in trouble for not stopping for the old dude who was approaching a crosswalk? Did Ryan not stop all the way at that red light before making the right turn? I guess we'd find out soon enough.

It was a quick stop. I found the proof of insurance, Ryan dug out his drivers license and the policeman came up to our window. He did a visual sweep of the occupants of our minivan and asked if we were coming from church. Well, duh. Why else would a girl wear nylons and skirt in 96 degree weather? But we were waiting for the reason, and it was coming. Wait for it.....

"So, I didn't see you use your turn signal at that stop light."

Really? Failure to use the turn signal? It must be a really slow day. Or, did we have a quota to fill?

Ryan played it cool, saying, "That could be."

The policeman ran our info, and I guess we checked out. Ryan was "warned" to be more careful about it in the future, and we were on our way back home.

Notice, the policeman didn't say Ryan didn't use the turn signal. Nor did Ryan say he forgot to use it. All in all, a very strange encounter. Unless you count the ride-along in the police car, who looked strangely like a former student of Ryan's. One who might possibly have said (daily, with every assignment issued) that he was going to get Ryan pulled over. But I won't say for sure.


Bridget said...

Seriously?! ha ha. Students can be so funny.

Can I post this on our facebook page? We are collecting weird/funny stories about being pulled over.

Danae said...

Even though it's already posted on Facebook... You bet. :o)

Bridget said...

Ha ha, thanks! When it takes you 2 entire hours to respond, I just do what I want. :o) I'm pretty sure you understand. I'm motivated by finishing a task before getting distracted with something else.

Danae said...

I completely understand. I often get distracted pretty quickly too. Besides, if it's already published on the internet, it's probably fair game.

Bridget said...

That's exactly what I figured. :o)