Friday, July 23, 2010


The following are just some of my more interesting "status updates" from my Facebook page. Enjoy.

Gee, it's great being the mom of a 7-year-old with a sense of humor. Emma hooked a small-ish necklace to a belt loop on my backside. I forgot about it, LEFT THE HOUSE like that, and realized the necklace was still attached after I got home from doing an errand. Just awesome.

The plural for corn IS corn, not "corns." If you wish to ask how many EARS of corn I am purchasing, then ask that. No wonder you work at Walmart.

Emma just told me my legs are scratchy like Daddy's face.

With helpers like these, who needs a hindrance?

During church, I tried to take the hymn book away from Annie. She growled at me.

I tried to do too many things at once. I was texting my sister-in-law, instant messaging my dad, making dinner and copying files from my camera to a disk. I kinda neglected dinner.... I think there's a limit to how many things I can multi-task.

Over heard at our dinner table: Emma- "Mom can I have juice in my C-U-P?" Dad- "See You Pee? I don't want to see you pee!" Hilarity ensued.

My kids are actually sad summer break is approaching. No more school? Oh no!

Just heard the ice cream truck playing CHRISTMAS music. What the heck?

Elizabeth just tried to convince me that wearing a blanket wrapped around her middle qualifies as wearing clothes. Hmm...

Today just keeps getting better and better. Maddie refused to take a nap, threw her blanket, binky AND pajamas over the side of the crib. Then while I was trying to get myself ready for church, Elizabeth cut her own hair. Can I just go back to bed?

Elizabeth complained that she was too hot in her purple cords and t-shirt playing outside today. So, she put on a footed sleeper. I am raising GENIUSES.

Twins have super powers.

I love how kids are eternally optimistic: Mom can I have marshmallows for lunch?

Today was a hard day to be Danae's books. Courtesy of the twins, Wuthering Heights lost the title page, and Pride and Prejudice, and Emma both lost part of their respective covers. New books for mom are going to be their birthday presents....

Elizabeth wanted me to tie her hair to her feet so she could be a ball.


Christina said...

Stopping by from M&M! Your blog is precious!! :) And so is your family!

Barbara Manatee said...

stopping by from M&M, too! I have to laugh at some of my facebook status' too! Isn't it funny when something crazy happens and one of the first things I Think of is "gotta put that on FB or the blog?" ha!

The Alexanders said...

what a great idea for a post!