Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pillowcase Projects

For Christmas, I made Emma and Elizabeth matching Christmas-themed pillowcases. They liked them so well, they've been on their pillows ever since. It was making me laugh a little, seeing them in June and July. I thought I should probably make them some new ones that aren't so..... Christmassy.

I went to Walmart (we don't have a fabric store in town), stared at the fabrics and realized maybe I should have asked Emma and Elizabeth if they had a preference for color or theme. I pulled out my trusty cell phone and called home. Ryan answered, and we talked about fabrics for the twins, Emma and Elizabeth. Well, I thought we'd brought the conversation around to the older girls, so when I asked Ryan if he'd ask the girls what color fabric they wanted, I could tell Ryan thought I was completely insane by the tone of his voice. But I was clueless as to why he thought that. I pressed my point, so then I could hear Ryan over the phone (with an overly enthusiastic voice) ask Annie and Maddie what color fabric they wanted. ("Do you want PINK? Yes, PINK? How 'bout BLUE? Do you like BLUE?" etc.) I tried to talk to him, but he couldn't hear me call out his name. So, then I just started laughing. I was standing in the fabric dept. of Walmart giggling to myself. I'm sure it was a sight. Ryan got back on the phone and told me that he got a reaction to purple for Maddie and pink for Annie. (The twins do not know their colors yet.)

We got things straightened out, I talked to Emma and Elizabeth on the phone, and I got the fabric cut and purchased. (That's another story... Ugh. Walmart.)

So I made pillowcases yesterday and today during nap times. I made the Ariel one with purple trim for Elizabeth, the Princess one with yellow trim for Emma, and the Dora ones for the twins. They all really like them, so it makes me feel nice. Of course, I would hate for anyone with REAL sewing skills to look at the pillowcases.
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Jason and Wendy Pynn said...

Nice work, Danae! I made the EXACT same Dora pillowcase for Avery last year for Christmas. It sits under her head as I type. :) And I bought my fabric at Walmart too.

The A Team Mom said...

Super cute! I can't sew at all... so I am sure they are perfect!

Annie said...

Awww, they turned so cute. You did a great job.