Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Facebook (again)

These are just some of my "status updates" I want saved for posterity. :o) 

...Someone needs to invent disposable socks.

...and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

...is watching a Veggie Tales movie we won at bingo last night.

...I felt like I needed to send an apology with the snack Elizabeth took to school this morning.  Ryan took Elizabeth to pick out the snack yesterday and they came back with Little Debbie frosted brownies.  Bring on the sugar high...

...hates how the whole house smells badly when one of the kids gets... sick.

...After playing in the leaves outside yesterday (throwing them up in the air and yelling "Whee!" as we watched them fall) Annie and Maddie found an indoor substitute: they threw their saltine crackers up and yelled "Whee!" as they fell down into a crumbly mess on the floor.

...Ryan: You know, if we ever move to a new town, we will have to do a parade down main street.  Just to let everyone know the circus is in town.

...It's really sweet when your child snuggles with you for two hours.  Right up until she pukes all over your hair and shoulder.

...I was just told to buy more "animal crapkers" at the store.

...Why does it take so long to pack up the summer clothes and get out the cold weather ones?

...Is it too early to start threatening no presents from Santa?  (From September)

...Someone had better tell me why toilets are so fascinating to toddlers.  Excuse me while I go clean the wet wipes, paper napkins, toilet paper and hair "pretties" out of the toilet.  Yuck.

...is filling up on chocolate chips before dinner.  Good thing the kids are outside and can't see me.

...note to self- it might be a bad idea to can peaches when we are expecting company.  Hopefully they won't notice the sticky floor.

...heard "That Thing You Do" on the radio at Safeway this evening.  I had to laugh.  And sing along.

...it took Elizabeth 2 HOURS to get home from school today.  I have very angry thoughts towards the bus system.  (This was from Elizabeth's first day of school.)

...wishes it were nap time already.  I got a book in the mail yesterday that I want to read.  (Sorry housework, you will just have to wait your turn.)

...I was chopping an onion for spaghetti sauce and crying my eyes out.  Elizabeth pulled a chair over, stood up and asked why I was crying.  Onion fumes don't seem to bother her.  Too bad I can't let my 5-year-old chop onions for me.

...To the kleptomaniac at the pool today- There's a reason we only take our old, crappy towels to the pool.  Hope you enjoy our ratty brown towel.

...watched one twin pick the other's nose.  Ew.

...Today's funny: Emma-Mom it tickles!  Me- What tickles?  Emma-When I "toot" in the water!  (Can you tell we were at the pool tonight?)

...Sometimes I love the valley.  15.5 lbs of blueberries for just under $20!  (Now the question is- what to do with all those berries?)

...Gee, it's great being the mom of a 7-year-old with a sense of humor.  Emma hooked a small-ish necklace to a back loop on my backside.  I forgot about it, LEFT THE HOUSE like that, and realized it was still attached after I got home from doing an errand.  Just awesome.

...Emma just told me my legs are scratchy like Daddy's face.

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