Monday, November 8, 2010

Hide and Seek

There are very few people I feel the compulsion to hide from.  I happened to see one of them at the grocery store the other day.  Dr. M (my ob/gyn) was in the frozen food section and I walked ran with my cart the other way.

I just can't face the guy, who has checked my cervix, in the grocery store.  He should know better than to exist outside the office.  If he absolutely has to leave his office, he should go straight home and not be anywhere he might see/be seen by any past/current/future patients. 

I should not have to be reminded of being 30-some odd weeks pregnant with twins, as big as a house and unable to get up off that stupid exam table.  It's humiliating.

Where to hide?  I couldn't be in the paper products aisle.  Too many napkins.

I couldn't be anywhere near latex gloves either.  *shudder*

Baking aisle (by the chocolate) it was.


Ellerbeck Family News said...

We had a great laugh
love Aunt Jeanne
Ron said it is like running into your colon guy-MD

Natalie said...

You gotta love Dr. M

Natalie said...

That's awesome.

The hiding in chocolate part, not the.... um... other part