Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Family Home Evening

It all started with Emma and the basket of rubber bands and all the hair "pretties."  Before we knew it, the whole family was having Crazy Hair Day.
Ryan thinks this would make a great picture to send out for the Christmas card.  I'm not sold on the idea.  Nor was I liking the idea that we all drive down to Safeway for ice cream.  Being called a chicken didn't change my mind either.  As much as I enjoyed the hair-do Ryan and Emma gave me, I couldn't quite bring myself to leave the house like that.

And yet, here it is on the internet.  (But I can't see you staring at me, so I guess it's ok.)


Ellerbeck Family News said...

Ryan's is great-he should wear it to school!
Aunt Jeanne

Natalie said...

I think it is fabulous!

Bingham Family said...

Oh man! I would totally send it out as a Christmas card picture!!!! Those posed-everyone-smile-NOW pictures we all take are over rated. :)