Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bad Mother Moment #56770

I had day time plans today.  Not just a half hour story time at the library, or anything like that.  I went visiting teaching for 2 hours starting at 10 am, and then lunch time plans.  My phone was on vibrate, and at noon I checked my phone and then tucked it away in my purse.  Nothing.  No one ever calls me.  If Ryan was going to call, he would have done it earlier, and if my sister or sister-in-law wanted to chat, I would get back to them.  I didn't have to be home until sometime before the kids got off the bus.  I was going to enjoy some adult interaction.

Well, at 3 pm I had finally drug my children out of their friend's house and buckled them into their car seats.  I looked at my phone, and lo and behold, there were 2 missed calls and 8 text messages.

The school nurse called.  Emma was sick.  Ryan wanted to know if I could get her.  Was I there?  Was I going to be home soon?  He was going to pick Emma up from school.  Was I ok?

Oh crap. 

I am a bad mother.


Incidentally, for someone who was "this close" to throwing up at school and couldn't eat any lunch, she ate a great big snack of pretzels and an orange, and was laughing and playing with the twins.  I started to feel just a little less bad.

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